Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So I joined the holiday_wishes community, because I love the holiday wish lists even if I can't fulfill as many wishes as I'd like. I tried to do things that I could do for free (suggesting websites, giving feedback, etc.). One member, diabological, asked if someone would read her journal from the beginning and leave comments throughout, offering to do the same in return. I decided to go for it, because the idea of reading a complete stranger's lj straight through seemed fascinating to me.

It was. It took a week and a half or so of near solid reading, but I got caught up on seven years of someone's life in that chunk of time. And peppered in those seven years were stories of years before she began keeping online records. I'm really grateful that she let me read some of her more private entries, too.

Kate, I really enjoyed reading your journal! I loved watching you transition through the years, it's amazing to see how you're in a completely different place now than you were in the beginning. I feel involved in your life now, and I want to keep reading to see how things go for you now that I'm all caught up with your present!

And now I kind of want to do it again, with a new stranger. I'm not sure if I want to do it right away, though. Sharing lives with another person is pretty intense, especially in the moments where I would be getting comments to my old-ass entries as I was leaving comments to her old-ass entries. It brings up a lot of stuff to think about. So I think I might give my brain a bit to get back into posting to my own journal.

But anyway...pretend this entry was deep and meaningful, because that's how I viewed this particular experience!

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