Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I feel like I never post enough about my Christmases, but since everyone else is posting their stuff list, I don't feel compelled to add to it. The Pullip was the highlight for sure, but I got a lot of other awesome stuff (including the RPattz unofficial biography and a shirt that says "I kissed a vampire and I liked it" in Twilight colors).

But what I'd prefer to ramble about is how I'm kind of wigged out about the new year. There are only three days left in 2008, and it's been pretty good to me. But right now I'm in my post-Christmas/pre-New Year's funk and I don't like it. The four day weekend was AWESOME, I'm so grateful for that. It was the best, one day of Christmas and then three days of nothing in particular. Played lots of WoW and watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother.

I don't know, probably I need to eat better and do some yoga and I'll feel better. I haven't gotten to hoop as much as I'd like due to the cold weather, and that hasn't stopped me as much as our apartment complex locking off the pool area so I'm at a loss for a place to hoop in private other than the fifteen minutes on my break at work. Maybe I should just take up Baxter's habit of hooping blindfolded.

I'm still thinking about starting a hooping podcast, too. I'd just have to mooch off of other people's computers to do it.

I should be exited about 2009! I have a billion things planned for it, writing-wise, travel-wise, everything-wise. I guess I'm just in a funky place and that's why I'm all funked out.

And I need to clean my apartment. Being vaguely depressed in a place you sort of have to twist yourself in funny shapes to get around doesn't help one's outlook. I kind of want to take a video of how bad it is with my new fancy camera, because people tend to not believe what an incredible slob I am, nor do they believe it when I say really, honestly, you do not have to clean up for me if I'm coming to visit. Who would like to be disgusted by my living habits?

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