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Happy Day 6

This is actually something kind of weird that I just got in my e-mail that made me happy. For some reason, this past year my old high school seems to have mixed in its alumni list with its parent contact list. So I've been getting updates all year, "Attention parents! Here is how things are going to go for your students!" And it's kind of fascinating.

Well, today, I opened up my e-mail to see a notice from my old high school alerting parents that there is a delayed opening due to the icy roads, and that school won't open until 10. It also provided the revised exam schedule, because they're doing exams this week!

Period A: 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Period D: 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

This tugged at the nostalgic heartstrings of my heart. I remember the anxious anticipation of watching the news, waiting to see my school scroll across the bottom saying either "delayed" or, more exciting, "closed". I could go back to bed and sleep! A free day all for me! This wouldn't happen if I lived somewhere it snowed all the time. But here, the littlest smattering of ice is reason for us to shut everything down. FINE WITH ME, MAN, FINE WITH ME.

And then I get a BONUS dose of nostalgia, because I actually really loved exams week. An entire week of half days! You go in for two classes, and sure, you have to take a test, but then you're done. And then you get a billion days off for Christmas and New Year's vacation. It's the best. And today, D period may have been my lunch/homeroom period, so I might have only had one final! Oh man, sometimes I really miss being in high school. Or at least, I love being reminded of it. Especially the thrill of only having to go for a little bit, bundling up to wander in, take one test and go home. An hour and a half and that's it. If only work had some exams week equivalent. I really miss looking forward to those long-ass breaks.

Anyway. Made me happy. :)

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