Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
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Voice Post

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“Hey LiveJournal, so I'm at my apartment all this week cos I'm practicing for my voice thingy and I, I, I'm never at my apartment. It's weird. I had to leave and get a frozen pizza and come back and on the way back I heard they're doing this thing on this local radio station called the Wheel Of Cheese where they spin a wheel and pick a cheesy song and then it say that cheesy they picked is t.A.T.u. "All The Things She Said" was I love that song and I know I have horrible taste in music. Pretty much like everything I hear but seriously listen. You probably can't hear it cos my phone's crappy. It's wonderful. Anyway I just, I had to say that and no, I don't listen to it. Maybe like 2 people, I got Lisa and Nikki and maybe uncle Mark and maybe my mom, maybe 4 people. I bet, I bet you guys will listen to it and nobody else and if I'm wrong I, I'm sorry. Ok, bye”

Transcribed by: jix1125

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