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You know what movie I love? Ghost World.

So I spent 90% or more of my waking hours this weekend in a car, driving to and from Denver, Colorado. And I did it because otherwise, I would have missed out on the Who Killed Amanda Palmer tour, featuring Amanda Palmer and Zoe Keating, and a bunch of other awesome people known as the Danger Ensemble. All told, I spent at least 32 hours in a car, and for 24 of those I was the one doing the driving.

It was worth it. Every second.

Zoe opened, and she was beautiful and amazing as always. The sound was kind of crummy, so it was a little tough to hear the loops over her actual cello playing, but I didn't care. I love watching this woman play. (BTW, all of the pictures were taken by my Uncle Mark, mwagstrom.)

Zoe whacking on the back of her cello for a percussion loop.

There was another opening act which I fail at remembering the name of. One of the band members looked exactly like drninja and it wigged me the hell out.

Those of you that know Andrew Foster: AM I RIGHT???

And then a man named Steven came on stage to tell us that Amanda Fucking Palmer was dead, and we should all grieve. Then Zoe and a fiddler player whose name I also can't remember (I suck, these people were awesome and I am not giving them the appropriate "props", as it were) played mournfully as the Danger Ensemble came on stage to grieve with us.

They proceeded to "resurrect" Amanda from the crowd, where she was wearing a veil and somehow NOBODY realized she was there until she got yanked up on stage and laid over her keyboard:

She lay there momentarily, then yanked off her veil and proceeded to rock the fuck out.

The Danger Ensemble made their way on stage for most of the songs, performing silent, sometimes amusing, sometimes eerie charades as Amanda played. The whole show was beautiful, with pauses every so often for an impromptu auction for one of the electric guitars Amanda used during the "Guitar Hero" video, a small "Ask Amanda" session where she pulled fans' questions out of a bucket and answered them, and at one point, she asked us all to text her our e-mail addresses so we could be on her mailing list.

She played four Dresden Dolls songs: "Bad Habit", "Mrs. O", "Coin Operated Boy", and "Half Jack", the last of which opened with an epic string battle between Zoe and Fiddler Guy before the song started. She also played two songs I'd never heard, one was a cute song about liking someone but not wanting them to need or depend on you, another she co-wrote with Neil Gaiman. The Neil Gaiman song was a Frank Sinatra style jazz piece about googling a love interest on the Internet. "I Google you..." It was amazing. Especially the part when Amanda admitted how much time she spent on the Internet. :)


blake makes friends but only for a minute
he prefers the things he orders from the internet

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. :)

it is so simple
the way they fall
no bang or whimper
no sound at all

good morning killer king you’re a star
that’s gorgeous hold it right where you are

you’re my guitar hero, you’re my guitar hero

x marks the box in the hole in your head that you dug for yourself
now lie. in. it.

Auctioning off the guitar. That's Katie, Amanda's tour manager, modeling the guitar.

Coin Operated Hobo Boys?

love without complications galore

he may not be real experienced with girls

Ask Amanda!

i suffer mornings most of all
i feel so powerless and small

She finished the show by lip synching to Rhianna's "Umbrella", which pretty much made my night, because number one, I secretly love that song, and number two, she was "playing" a tiny pink guitar during the whole thing. At one point, the Danger Ensemble covered her with their umbrellas from the beginning of the show and dumped water over them, simulating rain on stage. HARDCORE.

when the sun shines, we'll shine together

you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella

After the show was over, Uncle Mark and I waited around to get autographs and pictures.

Uncle Mark with Amanda

Amanda being incredibly amazing and me being a retarded goon

Me and Uncle Mark before the show

Yeah, I had an awesome time. :)

Thank you so much to everyone that texted or called me while I was on the road. It made me feel like I wasn't alone, even in the middle of nowhere. :)

Going on this trip was a lot of fun. It reminded me that I have control over my life, and fuck it, if I want to hop in a car and drive 700 miles to go see a concert, I can. Sure, maybe it would have been smart to save up for it, maybe I could have asked for Monday off of work so the drive home on Sunday would have been less harrowing, maybe I could have taken a plane and saved a lot of time. But none of those maybes controlled the fact that I took a trip and saw a show, for no other reason than I wanted to do it. Sometimes I get so mired down in work and life that I forget I have those random whim options available to me, and they don't always have to be dismissed.

Plus, I got a bonus visit with the most awesome aunt & uncle a person could have out of the deal. Who could ask for more?

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