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So I'm going on a wild and woody road trip over the next three days! I'm going to be driving for six hours after work on my way to Amarillo, where I am crashing for the evening, and WHOOO will the sleep be amazing. I hope. I've picked out a lovely cheap room at a Super 8 and it's my first Hotel Adventure without my mom, and I'll have to do the check in all by myself and I'm super excited and also kind of freaked out. I really hope it's not some crazy rapist manning the counter. That would be unfortunate.

ANYWAY, then I'll wake up in the morning somehow, and drive six hours (thankfully during daylight hours!) to Alamosa, where I will meet up with my uncle who will kindly take over the driving on our way to Denver. Then on Sunday, I'll spend the whole dang day driving back. IT SHOULD BE AWESOME. AND BY AWESOME I MEAN SCARY, BUT ALSO AWESOME.

So here's the deal! If you have my phone number, feel free to send occasional texts to make sure I'm not dead! I have no idea if I'll get to hop online at all during the weekend, but I'll probably throw some voice posts on here just so everyone knows what's up, BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WILL BE ON PINS AND NEEDLES ALL DAMN WEEKEND WAITING FOR THEM.

The whole trip is much less daunting when I remember that in the middle of it, I'll get to see this woman:

AND this woman:


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