Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

The Christmas Rush

So Christmas this year feels very weird to me. It sort of feels like, "Oh, it's December, and in December, people do that Christmas thing! I should do it, too!" It's kind of surreal. Like, rather than being an ingrained part of my life experiences, somehow, I have the choice to opt out this year. I really don't, nor would I want to, but it feels that way. Does that make any sense at all? It's very odd.

The point is, I need to get cracking on Christmas presents. I made a list but I still have no idea what to get half the people on it. I'd like to knit something for everyone, but I fear a) I'll run out of time and b) that won't be very exciting for my friends that knit themselves.

It's also barreling down on us very, very fast this year. Listen, Christmas, it was just Halloween. You need to calm down, okay?

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