Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Attention, Anyone that Hates the New Profile Pages

If you don't give a shit about the new profile pages, you can skip this entry. :)

Nikki is my hero. No lie. She has pointed out to me an awesome Firefox add-on that will take the new profile pages and display them like the old ones. IT IS BLISSFUL, BEAUTIFUL, NON-EYE-STRAINY HEAVEN. I keep clicking on people's profiles and going, "Ahhhh! Bliss!"

I wanted to share it with everyone. The add-on is Greasemonkey, and the script is LJ Profile Reset.

Since it's basically skinning the page to show different information, it will still briefly flash the new profiles before it gets all the info and makes the switch. Also, the icons in the blue box at the top aren't quite the same, but it looks from the script info that they may be working on that. These are small prices to pay, in my opinion, to not have to look at those god awful lines running through everything.

Also, if you install it, be aware that these changes will only affect you, everyone else will continue to see the profile pages the new way, unless they also have the script installed.

PASS IT ON! :) :) :)

*bounces happily*

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