Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Post-NaNo Thoughts

Okay, so I'm done with NaNoWriMo for this year, but it feels weird, since I didn't get to check my word count very much until the last few days. It was an interesting experiment, but in the end, it made me feel pretty detached from the entire NaNo experience and community, so I don't think I'll be doing it again. I had to knock out 15K in two days to get the thing done, which made me feel a little more like I was Really Writing. :) For some reason, writing for any length of time doesn't seem to mean as much if you can't tell how much you've written and get that sense of, "Yes, I did SOMETHING!" I had expected not being able to check to push me to write more just to be safe, but it ended up having an opposite effect.

HOWEVER. I got to the end of the book and realized there is room for a sequel, so who knows if I'll write that or not. If I do, I'd like to try and get it done before next NaNo. That's a low priority, though, because what I'd really like to work on is mashing the Llama Trilogy into one story and editing that, finishing editing Whatever, finishing WRITING Project X (I think I got about 15K into that and then got distracted by knitting), and in between all of that, still be writing for xlormp. It should be an exciting writing year. :)

ANYWAY, congratulations to everybody that successfully won NaNo, and to those who wrote anything at all, and to those who are still trucking (in my part of the globe, you've still got six hours and forty-five minutes, YOU CAN DO IT!!!)

I'm hoping Livejournal will start looking a little more friendly now that I'm not panicking about NaNo. Now I just have to panic about finishing The Most Second Book in the Whole Series, then I have to panic about my voice recital on the 13th, then I have to panic about getting Christmas presents bought and made, and then I can breathe again in January. :)

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