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Firstly: A confession. I am BRAZENLY CHECKING MY WORD COUNT WILLY-NILLY from now until the end of NaNo. The experiment was to see what would happen to my word count if I were not allowed to see it. RESULT: Complete lack of motivation and a really boring NaNo year. So I'm seizing my last four days, and I'm determined to make them not suck. By checking my word count last night, I found that I was a mere 1,000 words away from 30K, so I hunkered down and got them written, even though it was super late in the evening times and I really wanted to sleep. YAY FOR KNOWING WHAT THE CRAP I'M DOING!!! Watch your back, arch-nemesis, you may have had the upper hand all month, but I am declaring the experiment a failure and focusing on the word battle at hand. ;)

Secondly: It has been a little over five years since Buffy went off the air. Since that time, I have passed my eyeballs over other shows, flirted briefly with them, let them woo me with their attempts at witty dialogue and plot twists, but in the end, I always was left wanting. However, friends, I have discovered a television show that makes me feel the way Buffy used to make me feel, a show that grips me to my television and won't let me go, a show that I never thought could possibly exist because my TV life was supposed to be over after Buffy. And I found this show in the most unlikely of places.


Yes, friends, I have fallen madly in love with Torchwood. Pretty much everyone ever has already been there, done that. But I am late to the game because I gave up hope on television long ago. I've got two seasons worth of catching up to do, but I've seen bits and chunks, and I love the characters, and I love their stories, and I love the suspense, and I could do without the gore, but that is no different from Buffy. I desperately hope that Torchwood does not immediately go off the air now that I've found it. And I really wish British seasons were longer. Give me my hearty twenty-two episode seasons, please!

Anyway. Hearts for Torchwood. Please last forever so that I can obsess over you for longer than five minutes.

Thirdly: Friggen' Felicia Day herself replied to my request for how to more easily watch this season of The Guild. First Ryan North, now Felicia cup runneth over with Intense Awesome contacting me to fulfill my wants and needs! How long can this go on? Shall I make more requests?

Kevin Smith, will you please write a movie in which Randall finds a romantic interest played by me?

Daniel Radcliffe, will you please perform Equus in my living room?

Steven Tyler, what are you doing Friday night? Want to sleep with me?

Melora Creager, want to collaborate on an album together?

Joss Whedon, can you talk Juliet Landau into a cameo role on Dollhouse?

Juliet Landau, see if you can convince Joss Whedon to let you cameo on Dollhouse.

Stephenie Meyer, will you write some xlormp fanfic?

Taylor Hanson, Natalie never loved you anyway. I'm okay with being a one night stand! Bring Zac, too.

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