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This weekend I went Out of Town with my mother. We traveled to fabled and mystical Odessa, TX, to see Josiah Leming play. He's that guy who was on American Idol last season that lived out of his car, and then he asked the band to leave the stage while he sang his last song during Hollywood Week, and the judges were like, "No, that's okay," which is a shame because he was pretty much the only interesting one? (I blithered about him during my American Idol blithering. It happens.)

Anyway, he writes pretty awesome music and if you don't believe me, I beseech you to listen to this:

You can just press play and continue reading your friends list and stuff, or watch for a little while if you want to be bowled over by his amazing piano skillz.

We saw him once in Dallas, but this time he was much better, mom speculates because his record label is giving him performance pointers. It was a small show, maybe 15-20 people. And the best part is that most of the people that showed up weren't actually from Odessa, they'd driven in from out of town like us (one girl had driven nine hours from Houston).

Anyway, we got our picture taken with him:

I had gotten hungry waiting for his set, so I ordered in a pizza, which I had given him a slice of right before that picture was snapped, so I'm pretty sure he's got pizza in his mouth right there.

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