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“Hey Reginald, it's stupid early in the morning or if you could late at night and just got done dropping Jessie ___ off from the Twilight Midnight showing. It oh it was amazingly bad and tremendously wonderful and I loved it so much. It was everything I hoped it would be and more including also I never did go ___ from our path and whoever the fuck played Jasper I don't even know but he was brilliantly incredibly weird looking and Jacob I'm still on team Jacob. I'm I'm like 30 times more team Jacob after the movie and every scene was just one nauseatingly(?) bad direction, bad camera angles, bad cinematography(?) about the same thing as camera angle probably. Oh it was just bad, just bad all the way through. It's awesome. I'm really happy now I'm gonna go home and sleep. I'm covered in glitter yeah ok. Ta ta. That's all I got. Bye.”

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