Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

BLAH BLAH BLAH, okay, requisite bitching about LJ's new profile pages complete, I'm over it. For now. We'll see. At least the public bitching part. I'm trying to do the whole "acceptance" thing or whatever. Whatever, whatever, whatever, ANYWAY.

I am so freaking tired today. Went to bed WAY too late last night. I'm not entirely sure how much I slept, because I kept waking up and dozing off and waking up and dozing off and isn't that always the best. It's okay, though, I chose to sleep that way and I am happy with said choice, my body, however, is saying, "FUCK YOU, YOU CANNOT EXPECT ME TO WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS," and I'm like, "Calm down, man*, you'll feel better tomorrow unless I decide to sleep like a retard again."

SO THIS WEEKEND, I got to go hang out with hogwarts_elite people (even though I am woefully failing at this term, do I even have a chance to pull this one off? When does the term end? Nikki? I'm so behind). Let me tell you, it was awesome. I got to hang out with applespicy, jehnt and unbeguiled, all of whom I haven't seen since Portus, so that was awesome. I'm fearful that I will overuse "awesome" in this post, so let's just embrace the pain and run with it. I brought my hoops along, and everyone made a valiant attempt at hooping in Katie's tiny living room (WHICH WAS AWESOME), and actually, they all did a pretty decent job! And we discovered youtube is awesome for finding old skool songs for dancings. And I got to drive a drunk man I'd just met that evening home. A first for me! Hooray! It was pretty entertaining, actually. Dare I say, it was awesome???

ANYWAY. UM. Also I didn't write a damn thing, for which I am kicking myself, for which I will pay dearly tonight when I will force myself to go home and lock myself in my apartment and turn on the radio and write whenever music is playing (I get to break during the commercials), and I need to do this for...uh...two or three hours? Three might be pushing it. Two and a half. I MAKE NO PROMISES. will be awesome.


*Because apparently my body is a man? Don't listen to me. I'm so tired.

**Hahaha, man, and also full of typos. Editing powers, ahoy!

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