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STICKY POST: I refuse to use lj's new profile page.

UPDATE: I've put all my info back in my profile because opaleyes pointed out to me a super neat Firefox add-on that skins the profile pages to look like the old ones! It's not much of a protest anymore, but at least I get to look at my userinfo the way god intended it. ;)

If you're interested in that, there's more info in this post!

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I smell like ugly feet.

I am attempting 101 Things in 1001 Days! (mission101). HERE IS MY LIST OF 101 THINGS.

If you are in the mood to read some ridiculous, poorly edited books, please check out the books in my "Untrustworthy Trilogy". HINT: Don't read if you are easily offended by llamas.

I wrote the first book during the 30 days of National Novel Writing Month, and I wrote the second as participation in the 17 days of the craft_olympics. The third and final book was written during the month of May. In one week. I clearly hate sleep.

Back in hogwarts_elite and OH SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!! They voted me as Dobby before I even officially got back! <3 <3

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Since LJ has unleashed a huge, seething pile of epic douche-baggery regarding "no opt-out" on the new profile pages, I'm opting myself out. The only thing that will remain on my actual profile page will be my friends and stats, since I have no control over them getting displayed. But my info and interests will be over here, on MY "old" profile page. Where I'm now free to have as many interests as I damn well please. :)

The raw code I used is here: