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Halloween Weekend FTW!!

SO OKAY. This was technically not a three day weekend, but it sure as crap felt like it. And I mean that in the best way possible. Halloween and falling back an hour all in one weekend, I am pro-this.

Halloween was great, I'm SO glad I actually came up with a fun costume this year. I blame opaleyes to a certain extent, because as I was running around picking up pieces for it, I kept thinking, "How would Nikki do this costume? She'd go all-out like a crazy all-out-goer." And you know what? It was FUN. I think I'll have to start planning my costumes better. I still want to be Tia Dalma. Having a successful costume this year may help motivate me to get all the details I'd like for that costume next year.

Anyway, it went over super awesome, people seemed to like it, and holy crap, did my hair hold up like nobody's business. (Nikki, I used that fiber gum stuff you left behind at Portus? MAGIC.) I wore my Gwen hair to work, under a witch's hat while handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, during three or more hours of near solid dancing, and then I crashed in it. When I woke up the next morning, it still looked perfect, save a few flyaways from the ponytail which could have easily been brushed back.

Saturday, I went to my mom's to work on some stuff for my voice recital, but I ended up getting nothing done. I did, however, sleep a lot and sign a bunch of my books for my parents to give out for Christmas presents. It was ridiculous. They had about ten of them, and I sat there signing them all. I was so tired and out of it, I pretended it was a real book signing. "Thanks for coming out today. What's your name? How do you spell that? Okay. Thanks for reading! Next?"

That evening, I went to hang out with lochvanessa at Cowboy's for her birthday. I'm not a big fan of country music, but I managed to have a good time, anyway. I rode the mechanical bull, so now, whenever I am in mixed company and I feel the need to impress, I can say that I've ridden a mechanical bull, and it won't be a lie. It was pretty horrible, I fell off quickly and felt like a moron. :) Paul and Leona came out, and I forced Paul to ride it, too. He got banged up pretty good. :)

Vanessa and I wanted to hang out with victheslic, but he refused to go to a country club, so we met him at Ihop. You know how a while back I was wanting to hang out with awesome people from high school? Yeah, hanging out with Vanessa and Victor was totally awesome. I only felt a little left out because my name starts with "J" and not "V". I always forget how much I miss them until I see them again. It was great getting to hang out with both of them at the same time, it felt kind of like tapping into that high school vibe or something, but not quite. I don't know what I mean. What I mean is we should do that more often, and I wish Victor weren't getting shipped out.

I stayed up way too late, and slept until 2 on Sunday (but it would have been 3 were it not for the extra hour!). I played a little WoW and then went over to Paul and Leona's, where we watched Baby Mama & The Incredible Hulk. Ed Norton? Fucking hot. This movie was everything I hoped it would be, because there were tons of scenes in which he wore no shirt. Nice. :) They bought me Chinese food, which was my third free meal of the weekend. I am always in favor of free food.

And then, when I got to work this morning, coworker said I could keep the awesome shoes. So that is pretty damn kick ass.

I'm thinking of changing my lj name to the super sappy "I can't remember all the times I've tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass" line from Long December, but I know it's too long. And it's too SAPPY. But it's totally true and relevant all the time. Maybe I'll just add it to my profile.

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