Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

WHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Yesterday, the folks at the house were kind enough to pay for me a month of WoW, so I can play the Halloween stuff. :) SWEET DEAL. Running around picking up barrels of candy and getting crazy mad XP for it? I AM OKAY WITH THIS IDEA. I just need to come up with the money to pick up a game card for myself. See, they used to pay for my account because their daughters also had characters on it. But the oldest got her own account, and the other one kept failing in school, so they canceled the account (with my OK, none of us were playing much at that point).

But with the new expansion coming out soon, and all the awesome Halloween stuff going on, they've picked it up again, so I've just been staring longingly at the screens, watching them play...

I missed my character. :) Had to re-tool my talent tree since they changed all that business up. But it's all cool now!

Aaaaaaaaaand that's enough WoW geekery for now, I guess.

Also went to the NaNo kick off and a hula hoop meetup yesterday, and was ridiculously late for both. But I had fun and met new people, always a plus! I'm REALLY pumped for NaNo, but I HAVE TO FINISH THIS DAMN NEW MOON SPOOF FIRST. I'm going home to write two chapters before I even THINK of hopping on WoW tonight.

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