Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts....

Okay. I've been thinking about "life" or whatever, and what I really want from it is freedom. Unfortunately, freedom isn't free (HAHAHAH I'VE HEARD THAT SOMEWHERE). I like having a roof over my head, which requires money. I like going to concerts and movies and festivals, and that costs money.

ANYWAY. The point I think I'm trying to make somewhere in here is, I've constructed a list of things I want that would aid my personal idea of "freedom". The first is a house. A house I can pay off and then not have to worry about paying for after that. I want a small house, a teensy house, because everything I own is an enormous mess and if I had a house that was too big, I would just have a big enormous mess. Looking at google images of small houses, I think that this house is actually too small for me, but OMG I love where the bed is:

I WANT THAT. I want a bedroom like that. In all honesty, that house would actually be perfect if the kitchen jutted out to the side and that whole middle space were open. I'd use the little nook for my TV and I have no idea where I'd store my clothes. I guess I'd need a closet, too.

I'd also love, in addition to my tiny house, a vehicle that is big enough to effectively "live out of", while still being small enough to not feel like I'm driving a tank. In my years of being a licensed driver, it's become apparent that I cannot own a car that doesn't eventually get filled with junk. Basically, if it had a little more back space, no back seat at all, and room to bolt down containers for things I end up keeping in my car anyway (clothes, books, music, etc.), that would be perfect. With room left over for beanbags for anyone that may happen to want to ride in the back seat, which I could clear out to make room for luggage for the rare occasions I go on trips. (It would be neat if this vehicle were paid off, too.)

A permanent, paid off house and a functional, paid off vehicle would equal a little more monetary freedom.

Now I just need to figure out a way to make money that doesn't involve sucking my soul out through a straw week after week. I've been working really hard to change my perspective on this, noting that I have a good job with good benefits and good vacation time, and at least they have labor laws now and I'm not forced to work in a factory for twelve-hour shifts earning pennies an hour, or picking barrels of fruit for a dollar a barrel like that family in Grapes of Wrath or whatever. I want to be good and responsible and live a safe life and all, but in my chest beats the heart of a tree-huggin' hippie who's all, "I don't want to work, I want to bang on the drum all day!"

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