Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

My Hoops, My Lovely Lady Hoops

Nikki wanted to see pictures of my hoops, so HERE THEY ARE!

First is Botswana. She was my first hoop, and since I didn't have any good tape, I taped her up with duct tape. She used to be shiny (because I used the shiny chrome tape), but she isn't anymore. Poor Botswana. :(

You can see, she's pretty beat up:

Bebe, my Hufflepuff hoop!

Sophie, my first try at using ribbon (she turned out really pretty!)

One of my newest shiny hoops, syntheticjesso and I agreed she should be named "Jeni". :)

And finally Adore, who I babbled about in my last post:

Aaaaaaaaaand because I know you aren't sick of watching me hoop yet, here's a video of Adore in action:

If you double click and go to the page on youtube, I explained what the crap was up with all the people in the background at the end.

Take me off this damn filter!

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