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Weekend-y stuff

This weekend, I went to Lamar's homecoming game because my friend's 14-year-old daughter was playing in the band. I had a surprisingly good time, but I found myself wanting to hear my school's alma mater, and my school's fight song. So I thought, hey, I could always go to Nolan's homecoming game! I'm an alumni!

So I looked up when their homecoming game is?


So that's not a happening thing...I did search around on youtube to see if I could find the fight song there, but no luck. I did, however, find an amazing student-created mini-drama filmed on site at Nolan, called "Saved by the Light". YOU SEE IT IS CLEVER BECAUSE MY SCHOOL HAD LIGHTS INSTEAD OF BELLS AND SO IT'S FUNNY. And the acting and the script is so terrible, but you can tell they know it and don't care, and I absolutely adore it.

I also got to escort the same daughter on an "outing" with a "friend" (who is male and 17) to go see Eagle Eye. I am so out of touch with modern cinema that I had no idea what this movie was about. However, within the first ten minutes, friggen' Shia LeBeouf was on screen, and I said, "Hey, this movie is alright with me!"

It turned out to be a pretty kick ass movie, too, if you could suspend the teensiest bit of disbelief. It was like if "The Net" and "I, Robot" had babies, and their babies looked like Shia LeBeouf. I heartily endorse it.

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