Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Current Obsession: Um, still hooping.

So I've been a crappy livejournaler for the past few days, because I've been using my internet time to look up all sorts of crap about hooping. SAFIRE COMMENTED ON MY HOOPING VIDEO, YOU GUYS. The chick from the hardcore awesome Paramore hooping video? Said I was doing an awesome job and to keep it up. I'm not even sure how she found the video. But I am super pumped about this.

I made some new hoops last night! I made one in Hufflepuff colors and named it Bebe. And I'm working on another one, inspired by Philthy Hoops and their ribbon hoops. It's got dark pink ribbon with black polka dots, and black electrical tape. Unfortunately, I ran out of ribbon with about a foot of taping left to go. ALASKJFLKDJFDL. So I'm going to pick up some more ribbon today and finish that off. (That hoop's name is Sophie, BTW.)

And then I've got one more hoop that's made and ready for taping, but I don't know what color scheme I want...I'm thinking I'll wait to tape that until I have pretty tape from Identi-tape.

IN NON-HOOPING NEWS, I went to the dentist yesterday and got FIVE MORE CAVITIES filled. I only have three more appointments to go before my mouth is a beautiful, cavity-free zone.

And my gums hurt today.

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