Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

xlormp is less than ten people away from having 500 friends.

It has jumped from 37 to 500 in a little over one day. I have about thirty marriage proposals. And aside from a few snide comments on the original spotlight post, everyone is being so dang nice. I swear, a few of these comments have brought tears to my eyes.

I almost feel like it's not really fair, I mean, the only reason this is more popular than anything else I've written is because it's a spoof of something else that's popular. I also sort of feel Stephenie Meyer-ish..."THE WHOLE THING ONLY TOOK TWO MONTHS YOU KNOW, OH, HOW HARD THE WAITING WAS." I'm glad people are enjoying it, and I'm excited about having a built in platform to hopefully pimp some of my non-Twilight related writing, but it's sort of...overwhelming? All at once? (edit: I'm not fishing for "No, really, you deserve it!" here, just posting some of the thoughts going through my head.)

I wrote the end of the book last night, everything except the Epilogue (which I'll write today). I really, really hope the ending lives up to the sudden 500 readers-worth of expectations I've got to live up to! But at least it's written and out of the way. There is one more twist on the way that I don't think anyone will see coming...I hope...maybe...(of course saying that just means someone will guess it and I will go, "BAH I AM NOT REALLY THAT CLEVER, THAT'S OKAY THOUGH, I'LL KEEP ON KEEPING ON").

Craziness. That's what this is. Craziness.

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