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Damn It, Awesome Things Shouldn't Close.

So it looks like Pandora might be closing soon. Which sucks, because I've found so much awesome music from it. So just in case it's close to the end, I'm going to post the songs I've thumbs-upped so that I don't forget about them.

Properties Of Dirt 20 Minute Loop
Brave A Particularly Vicious Rumor
Snail Song A Particularly Vicious Rumor
Around You Ab Ovo
Spinning [Live] Agent Provocateur
Video Game Heart All Girl Summer Fun Band
On The Shore Archie Bronson Outfit
The Legendary Upside Down Arkade
November Azure Ray
Horse And I Bat For Lashes
Be Still & Know Bellafea
Dress Up In You Belle & Sebastian
Family Tree Belle & Sebastian
Worms Beth Orton
Layers Of Generation Without Number Bichi
Joga (Live) Bjork
Joga (String & Vocal Mix) Bjork
Joga (Strings And Vocals) Bjork
Play Dead (feat. Brodsky Quartet) Bjork
Sod Off Bjork
Who Is It? (Live) Bjork
Spinning Cotton Candy In A Shack Made Of Shingles Black Moth Super Rainbow
Hated Because Of Great Qualities Blonde Redhead
Onion Thin Cello Skin Bonfire Madigan
Snowfell Summer Bonfire Madigan
Where The Sky Below Meets The Sea Above Bonfire Madigan
Signs (feat. Badmarsh & Shri) Bonobo
Floating World Bowery Electric
I've Seen It All Brodsky Quartet
One By One Cake Bake Betty
The Right Time Caramelize
The Barn Caribou
Rooting For The Shy Librarian Carla Kihlstedt
Otra Luna Carlos Libedinsky
Fool Cat Power
Free Cat Power
I Don't Blame You Cat Power
I Found A Reason Cat Power
Ice Water Cat Power
King Rides By Cat Power
LIving Proof Cat Power
Maybe Not Cat Power
Speak For Me Cat Power
The Greatest Cat Power
Top Expert Cat Power
Wealthy Man Cat Power
Where Is My Love Cat Power
Willie Cat Power
Haunted Charlotte Martin
Complicated (Live) Collide
Your Bruise Death Cab For Cutie
Chords Beats Coffee Deceptikon
Real Heat Denali
Post Affection Dragonfly
The Rope El Boxeo
Girls Eleni Mandell
Trouble Elliott Smith
Live For The Touch Elysian Fields
Narcosmicoma Elysian Fields
Shrinking Heads In The Sunset Elysian Fields
Stop The Sun Elysian Fields
Timing Is Everything Elysian Fields
Today Has Been OK Emiliana Torrini
Paradise FireBug
Diamonds And Gold Firewater
Right Between The Eyes Garbage
Mad World Gary Jules
This Isn't It Giant Drag
Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche! Gregory And The Hawk
Ayako Guitar
Dead Horse Alive With Flies Harold Budd
She Dances By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Harold Budd
Into The Open Heartless Bastards
Vibrations Helium
My Best Friend Hello Saferide
A Ballad For The Bleeding Hearts Howling Bells
Ynglingen Hurdy - Gurdy
Naomi In Ink Please & The Foliage
Systemic Mechanic Induce
Breakable Ingrid Michaelson
Naked As We Came Iron & Wine
Gray Or Blue Jaymay
Back When I Was 4 Jeffrey Lewis
They Jem
Look What You've Done Jet
Diabolical Streak Jill Tracy
The Fine Art Of Poisoning Jill Tracy
Then The Rains Came Jonathan Still
Stay Jorane
Live It Up Juliana Hatfield
Movie Karyn Ellis
Blue Like Nevermind Kimya Dawson
Fire Kimya Dawson
I Will Never Forget Kimya Dawson
It's Been Raining Kimya Dawson
Like Giants Kimya Dawson
Loose Lips Kimya Dawson
Moving On Kimya Dawson
My Heroes Kimya Dawson
My Rollercoaster Kimya Dawson
Singing Machine Kimya Dawson
The Competition Kimya Dawson
Tire Swing Kimya Dawson
Underground Kimya Dawson
You Love Me Kimya Dawson
12/26 Kimya Dawson
A Loon (String Version) Kristin Hersh
Background Of A Void Lessick
Basique Little People
Desaturate It Liz Pappademas
I Had To Tell You Liz Pappademas
Down Towards The Healing Lovedrug
Michael Maggi, Pierce & E.J.
Clean Getaway Maria Taylor
Blood Tree Mary Timony
Dr. Cat Mary Timony
Dryad And The Mule Mary Timony
Hard Times Are Hard! Mary Timony
I Fire Myself Mary Timony
Look A Ghost In The Eye Mary Timony
Magic Power Mary Timony
The Golden Fruit Mary Timony
Guided By The Stripes Masha Qrella
The Struggle Against Unreality Begins Matmos
Exes And Ohs Matson Jones
Into My Arms Matson Jones
New York City F**k Off Matson Jones
Sympathy Matson Jones
Tropic Of Cancer Megan Reilly
Piano Song Meiko
Other Side Melissa Rapp
Anyone Else But You Michael Cera And Ellen Page
Monument Mirah
Nobody Has To Stay Mirah
Person Person Mirah
The Light Mirah
Custom Concern Modest Mouse
Don't Go Monsters Are Waiting
Ha Ha Monsters Are Waiting
Workhorse My Brightest Diamond
When You Don't Want Me Anymore Nina Gordon
Wake Up And Smell The Millennium Nobody
Tarbaby (Live) Noe Venable
Don't Play Me Owl & The Pussycat
K-I-S-S-I-N-G Piney Gir
Is This Desire? PJ Harvey
Silence PJ Harvey
The Truth About Cats And Dogs (Is That They Die) Pony Up
Toy Piano Pony Up
Watts Towers Porn Sword Tobacco
Parade Pretty Girls Make Graves
Pictures Of A Night Scene Pretty Girls Make Graves
Dream Priscilla Ahn
Gagging Order Radiohead
Knives Out Radiohead
1816, The Year Without A Summer Rasputina
A Quitter Rasputina
Cage In A Cave Rasputina
Child Soldier Rebellion Rasputina
Choose Me For Champion Rasputina
Clipped Rasputina
Coraline Rasputina
Crosswalk Rasputina
Doomsday Averted Rasputina
Draconian Crackdown Rasputina
Fire And Ice Rasputina
Hunter's Kiss Rasputina
If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love Rasputina
Incident In A Medical Clinic Rasputina
Medley: A Retinue Of Moons/The Infidel Is Me Rasputina
My Orphanage Rasputina
My Soul (Traditional) Rasputina
Oh Bring Back The Egg Unbroken Rasputina
Oh Injury Rasputina
Our Lies Rasputina
Pj + Vincent & Matthew + Bjork Rasputina
Rats Rasputina
Rats (Live) Rasputina
Secret Message (Live) Rasputina
State Fair Rasputina
Sweet Water Kill (The Ocean Song) Rasputina
The Pruning Rasputina
This Little Piggy Rasputina
Transylvanian Concubine Rasputina
We Stay Behind Rasputina
When I Was A Young Girl (Live) Rasputina
Wicked Dickie (Live) Rasputina
I Can't Right Now Red Pocket
Never Two Weeks Red Pocket
Better Regina Spektor
Pictures Of Success Rilo Kiley
Unknown_track_8 Ryan Stively And His Poison Band
Visions Of Beauty Saloo
Unsentimental Sanso-xtro
Bottle It Up Sara Bareilles
Black Sarah McLachlan
Joy Scanners
Idle Hands Shannon Wright
The Difficult Kind Sheryl Crow
Sunday Sia
The Wicker Chair Sinoia Caves
Combat Rock Sleater-Kinney
Camellights Snow Machine
Gamelan Sofa Surfers
Simplicity Soma Sonic
The Way We Get By Spoon
Street Life (Chilled Flow) Stephane Noir
Chicago (Adult Contemporary Easy Listening Version) Sufjan Stevens
Andean Twilight Talkdemonic
Dec27 Talkdemonic
Starry Dynamo Talkdemonic
Tomb Of Liegia Team Sleep
Lotus Flower Tearwave
Micro Melodies The Album Leaf
A Night Full Of Open Eyes The Blow
Milkmaid The Blow
Backstabber The Dresden Dolls
Bad Habit The Dresden Dolls
Coin-Operated Boy The Dresden Dolls
Dear Jenny The Dresden Dolls
Dirty Business The Dresden Dolls
Girl Anachronism The Dresden Dolls
Good Day The Dresden Dolls
Gravity The Dresden Dolls
Half Jack The Dresden Dolls
Me & The Minibar The Dresden Dolls
Missed Me The Dresden Dolls
Modern Moonlight The Dresden Dolls
Mrs. O The Dresden Dolls
Necessary Evil The Dresden Dolls
Sex Changes The Dresden Dolls
Shores Of California The Dresden Dolls
The Jeep Song The Dresden Dolls
The Perfect Fit The Dresden Dolls
The Sheep Song The Dresden Dolls
O Goettingen! The Finches
Nighttime Birds The Gathering
When The Sun Hits (Slowdrive Cover Version) The Gathering
My World The Go! Team
Not For You The Juliet Dagger
Anyone Else But You The Moldy Peaches
Goodbye Song The Moldy Peaches
Malaria Codes The Octopus Project
Revelling Masses The Provenance
Home Again The Salteens
Last Breath The Swear
Closer The Tiny
Everything Is Free The Tiny
In My Back The Tiny
Safe Than Sorry The Tiny
Second Time Around The Tiny
One Great City! The Weakerthans
The Denial Twist The White Stripes
Communion theSTART
Into The Fire Thirteen Senses
Tiny Tommy Guerrero
Smells Like Teen Spirit Tori Amos
Pretty Close To The Edge Trans Am
Boxer's Wife Trentalange
Lonely Land Trentalange
Sweetheart Trentalange
Bad Seed Two Ton Boa
Cash Machine Two Ton Boa
Comin' Up From Behind Two Ton Boa
Cyanide Two Ton Boa
Ms Fix It Two Ton Boa
Puppet Charm Two Ton Boa
Beetle In Trouble Umbrella Tree
Katrinah Josephina Universal Hall Pass
Blissful Queen Veruca Salt
Arrivals/Departures Vox Vermillion
Controller Vox Vermillion
Psycho Vox Vermillion
Smitten Vox Vermillion
Underground Vox Vermillion
And Then The Rains Came William Elliott Whitmore
Cheated Hearts Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dudley Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Phenomena Yeah Yeah Yeahs
L.A. Raga Zaman
Fern Zoe Keating
Frozen Angels Zoe Keating
Legions (War) Zoe Keating
We Insist Zoe Keating

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