Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Retarded Internet Shit

Okay, so it looks like the gist of H_E Term 15 is that we're all getting split up into Death Eaters and groups of other non-Death Eatery folk. The groups are being posted a few at a time, and I have no idea which group I'm in yet. Knowing my luck, I will be in the very last group posted on the very last day. And all of this role playing and tomfoolery going on in the comm is awesome and I'm having so much fun with it, but here is the deal, Internet...

...I really don't think I could handle it if I end up being in a "Death Eater" group. I mean really. I know it's all in fun, that none of us are really Death Eaters (I mean, really, none of us could be, because they're fictional), but...I don't want to be one! I'm not a Death Eater. I don't know if I could fake support a group of fake Death Eaters.

Is that stupid?

ETA: The more I think about it...the more the idea still bothers me. *sigh* IT'S JUST FOR FUN, JESSICA, SHEESH, GET OVER IT.

....deatheaterdonotwant. OOtP FTW

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