Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Crazy Dreams, Crazy Weekend.

I HAVE BEEN HAVING THE SHITTIEST DREAMS RECENTLY. The one I had yesterday involved Six Flags completely redesigning the track and trains of the Shock Wave, building a new entrance around it and making it an indoor coaster, and charging $18 to ride it. Seriously, you have no idea how badly this pissed me off, especially the redesigning part. I kept sneaking into the ride after close, just to check on how much they ruined it, and getting kicked out. By the end I was freaking crying, yelling at the guard, "HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO THE SHOCK WAVE IT'S A FUCKING CLASSIC IT WAS BUILT IN 1978 AND IT'S THE BEST RIDE IN THE PARK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU."

Do I have roller coaster issues? Probably.

Anyway, I woke up miserable and had to drive by Six Flags just to make sure the Shock Wave still existed, was still outdoors and still had the same layout. As I went past, there was a train clacking up the lift hill, and my heart felt better.

Anyway, I felt crappy on Thursday, so I went over to Jim and Jessie's to crash, only to discover the ENTIRE LIVING ROOM FLOOR HAD BEEN RIPPED UP. They were replacing the carpet with hardwood panels. So I spent pretty much the entire weekend helping out with that, instead of working on craft_olympics projects or remembering that Hogsmeade weekend was going on at hogwarts_elite. I remembered for a few minutes during yoga, but of course forgot by the time I got back home.

And when I check on the comms today? It turns out that opaleyes got thrown into Azkaban, accused of being a Death Eater. WHAT THE HELL. Whatevs, Ministry, way to accuse a totally innocent and awesome person. You better let her out before her wedding, is all I'm sayin'.
Tags: dreams, friends, harry potter, hogwarts_elite, internet, panicking, roller coasters, six flags, sleep

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