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Le Sigh. Here goes nothing.

Okay. It has been slightly over two years since I decided to go off sugar for 30 days. (And I mean VERY slightly, the last time I started this bullshit was August 7th, 2006.)

Perhaps you remember me complaining bitterly about the experience and swearing up and down that I would never, ever do this again.

Well, I'm going to do it again. Because it looks like it's the best way to get rid of my eczema. OH AND I'M GOING TO THROW IN AN EVEN MORE AGONIZING ASPECT: I'm going to do my best only to eat alkalizing foods. I'd prefer to fix this problem from the inside out rather than depending on creams and lotions to fix it. I'd call bullshit on the whole alkalizing thing if I hadn't spent the past year and a half watching my mother feel better than she ever has in her life doing this diet.

BUT HERE ARE MY CAVEATS: I'm not going to be NEARLY as strict as I was last time. If I can stick to eating mostly sugar-free, alkalizing foods during the week, I will forgive a teensy indiscretion here and there (and I'm allowing myself a pint of Ben & Jerry's on the weekends). Last time, I wasn't going to yoga, this time, I am, so I'm using that as an excuse to cheat more. I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON. But I also know how miserable I'll be without it, and I don't want to induce that.

OTHER ACTIONS I AM TAKING TO FIGHT THIS ECZEMA BALONEY: Only showering once every four days, and when I do shower, not using soap. DOES THIS SOUND DISGUSTING? Apparently soap is really bad for your skin, you guys. It destroys your natural oils and promotes crap like eczema to happen. I'd explain it more eloquently but I'm not gonna.

I'm also taking Vitamin-E and drinking fucktons of water.

I'm also probably going to die.

OH, another incentive for the whole "no sugar" thing is I signed up for the "Biggest Loser" thing at work. Everyone competing drops $10 into the pot, and whoever loses the most weight percentage-wise in a month gets the pot. I know if I drop sugar, I can win the fuck out of this thing. So there's cash incentive, as well.

Tags: food, health, itching, sugar, work

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