Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

This depresses me. I just got the alumni magazine from my old high school, and I read this:

"Construction on campus began June 1 and includes a new safety and security package, as well as renovations to the library, guidance center, computer lab and auditorium.

The security package consists of a wrought-iron fence along Bridge Street and 7-ft chain-link fencing around the rest of the property; gates at the current two entrances and on a new third entrance to be constructed west of the Multipurpose Activity Center; a guard house at the main entrance; card key access pads at the main doors; and about 60 security cameras throughout the main building and arena, as well as the parking lot and athletic facilities. This comprehensive package is in line with standards found at other public and private schools throughout the country, and will provide as secure an environment as possible for our students and visitors.

'Immediately following the end of school, we emptied the library and computer lab, gutted the conference room, began construction on the outside security building and fence, and initiated the electrical work for the new cameras and building access keypads,' said Dick Nelson, Dean of Student Services and 25-year veteran of Nolan Catholic. 'I can't remember another year that we've implemented so many visible improvements to the physical campus.'"

I'm kind of...really unhappy about this. I probably shouldn't be upset about a place I haven't had to go to for the past six years? But I am. I drove by it the other day...the fence and "guard house" make it look like a prison.

This is a building I loved. I loved it the whole time I was there, and I loved it when I left. I may not have loved the classes, all of the kids, some of the teachers...but I always loved the building. And here, I read about them "gutting" it. Not happy. Not happy at all.

Not only that, sometimes I enjoyed driving into the parking lot and circling the main circle, just to be near it, remember a little bit, and move on. I don't think I'll be able to do that with all of this retarded security crap.

I'm really pretty ashamed of you, Nolan.

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