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So yesterday, I was on my way home and I passed by Entertainmart (the most evil of evil businesses, it is like CD Warehouse but thirty times larger and also they sell DVDs and video games). I thought to myself, "I need to pick up a copy of 'Bring It On'* on DVD, since I can't find my VHS copy for some reason."

So I swung into the parking lot and walked up to the door. Where there was a sign. A sign that said: "SALE!! Buy 10 clearance cds between $0.99 - $2.99 and get them for 25 cents each."

UM. YES PLZ? Ten cds for $2.50? I am all over that shit.

Unfortunately, the clearance rack was about as well organized as my apartment. I spent a solid hour digging through one side (there was a whole other side I didn't get a chance to hit, I'm thinking of going back) trying to find some treasures that I would actually listen to and make it worth my digging. There were a lot of cds on clearance that I really wanted, but pretty much anything mainstream was marked $3.99 or higher, hence, out of the 25 cent range.

But I came out of the deal with ten cds I'm pretty excited about (and also two DVDs I didn't intend on buying, but they were only four bucks a piece and some of my favorite movies, so how could I say no?). "Bring It On" ended up being the most expensive item I purchased. At $11, it would up being half of the total amount I spent.

ANYWAY in case you're interested, here are the cds I ended up walking out with:

Institute - Distort Yourself (!!! This one really surprised me being in the 25 cent range! I've wanted this cd for a long time, and I was sure when I saw it that it would be $3.99 or higher, but no! It was $1.99, hence TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. I found this when I was getting ready to give up, it spurnned another twenty minutes of browsing.)
Jill Sobule - Jill Sobule
Jill Sobule - Happy Town
Letters to Cleo - Wholesale Meats and Fish
Paula Cole - This Fire
Serial Joe - Face Down (This is a Canadian band I had downloaded one song from about ten years ago. I've never seen their music anywhere in America, so I was pretty pumped to find this!)
Owsley - Owsley (I was excited about this one, too, I have a compilation with one of their songs on it, so I'm hoping the cd is at least worth 25 cents.)

I also got three cds I've never heard of, but looked like they had potential. Upon further inspection, two of those are independent releases.

ANYWAY THE POINT IS, I have a shitton of new music now, and I'm pretty pumped about that. I always forget how much I LIKE buying music, there's a reason I did it all the time when I was a kid spending my mom's money. I never feel bad spending money on music, because it gives so much back. But it's always awesome to find it for cheaps!


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