Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS, the hotel has THE INTERNET. ALSDKFJALSKDFJLSKFJS GOD LOVE THIS HOTEL. I hopped down to the fancy shcmancy courtesy room to do my laundry, and lo and behold, A COMPUTER. WITH THE INTERNET. Oh, the hours I want to spend on this sucker...there is no one else even threatening to want this thing, either. I have the perfect excuse to just sit here, too! I mean, I've got a load of laundry I need to keep an eye on, right? If my mom needs me, she'll probably wander this way and make sure I didn't die. Plus, not fifteen feet to my right, are shelves stocked with all sorts of delicious food for cheaps, that I can charge right to the room, no problem! This is seriously the best friggen' hotel.

I really should be writing, but PAH. INTERNET. I've got all night to bang out some words! These are words, aren't they? Anyway, if someone is acting like maybe they want to get online, I'll move. But until then...


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