Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Okay, so it seems a lot of people enjoyed The Most Popular Book in the Whole World! jehnt even went so far as to craft me a HARDCORE AWESOME ICON FOR IT. Which settles it, I made it its own lj. So if you want to keep reading it, friend xlormp and you can, it's that easy! Tell your friends who also hate Twilight! Chapter 2 is up already, but I probably won't be posting another chapter until next week, because tomorrow I'm going to Frisco for STATE MEET.

I'm pretty pumped that I actually get to go to state meet all four days and get paid for it. It looks like I've decided to attempt coaching again next year, because this season was made of such hardcore fail and all the parents are all, "Hey, you know, if YOU were coaching..." It makes me feel all special and important. Also, it's extra monies.

Nothing else really exciting is happening, so that is all for now!

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