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Dammit, Nikki's posts about Portus have put me in another post-Portus funk. I thought I was past this! Perhaps I was just too distracted by the rigors of real life to realize I missed mucking around in the HP fandom for a few days?

In other news, I had a dream last night where there was a dead mouse in my house, but then later it turned out to not be dead, in fact it was quite alive and quite adorable and it decided it LOVED ME and wanted to be my new pet. I woke up being sad it wasn't true, because I was already planning little mouse vet trips and cage buying and where the money for this would come from I have no idea, but anyway, now that I know it's fake, I don't really want any other mouse because THAT mouse looked distinctly different from regular mice and also it acted like a cat. RUN ON SENTENCE FTW.

Saw Glenn Beck live for the fourth time last night! I always forget that I get kind of wigged out at his shows by the fact that I'm completely surrounded by conservatives on all sides. I am not a conservative, I'm not really political at all. If anything, I'm a moderate, because I sit there going, "Mmm-hmm, yes, I see your point, okay, yes, I see your point, too, I don't know, why don't you come up with a happy medium?" And I hate all politicians equally. I'm used to Glenn's super-conservative views and occasional tangents on God and how he is cool and everything, and I don't hold anything at all against people who think God is cool, I just believe different things is all.

When Glenn's on the air going, "Yes, I am going to RAM A DRILL THROUGH THE POLAR BEAR'S HEADS," I just sit there at my desk and go, "Oh, Glenn, you're so silly!" But at the live show, I'm surrounded by all of these people going, "YEAH LET'S DRILL THROUGH POLAR BEAR'S HEADS" and it's very strange. One thing I DO like about Glenn, though, is he's saying we shouldn't just open up drilling in Anwar, but we should also work harder on alternative energy of all forms including solar, wind, nuclear, water, whatever. Hooray for alternative forms of energy!

ANYWAY. I also get all wiggly when he starts talking about how all of our great ideas come from God, and that's nice and all, and I am pro-people supporting their deity of choice, but I always feel awkward when I'm the only one in the room going, "I think it's just awesome that we're all nice people! Hooray mother earth!"

ANYWAY THE SECOND. Hooray for being a moderate at a Glenn Beck show! It was still way fun, and STU WAS THERE. So I got to see Stu! That made my entire friggen' night. ALSO AWESOME: He had a giant, stage-wall sized American flag, and at the end of the show, he invited all the boy scouts in the audience to come on stage and fold it. That was pretty hardcore.


What I MEANT to talk about was how I had this idea this morning of making a bunch of Wizard Rock compilations, only taking songs from various bands and putting their subject matter in chronological order so that you're basically listening to an awesome rock opera version of the books. But I took up too much time on Glenn, so oh well.

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