Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So, this was going to be a bitchy post about how much bullshit I've had to deal with the past few days, but all of that has been more or less taken care of, so instead, I think it's time to do one of these again:

Things I'm Happy About (In No Particular Order)

1. The new Dr. Horrible episode
2. Dr. Horrible in general
3. The fact that I got to go to Portus, and it was awesome
5. This delicious Panda Express that I'm eating
6. The fact that tonight I'll get to see Glenn Beck LIVE AND IN HUMAN for the billionth time
7. My functioning car
8. My functioning body
9. My functioning iPod/Alphasmart/phone/air conditioner/bed
10. Harry Potter
11. Friends, friends, we all got friends and MINE ARE THE BEST
12. Cheesecake
13. Bolthouse Farms juice
14. Breathing, that's pretty awesome
15. The Internet

Aaaaaaaaaand that's all I got for now. BUCK UP, EVERYONE, THE WORLD AIN'T SO BAD!

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