Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Time is totally fucking with me right now.

Was up until stupid in the morning cleaning my apartment last night, and it's still not done. MY CAR IS CLEAN, THOUGH.

Things I found in my car that I thought were lost forever:
1) My iPod
2) The back to my cell phone
3) The thumb drive I bought and used once
4) Many other things I can't remember right now

Tomorrow, morning, as in tomorrow when I pull my ass out of bed, it will be to pick Nikki (opaleyes) up from the airport. TOMORROW. MORNING.

I woke up this morning, thinking about that, and about how much cleaning there is still to do, and how I probably shouldn't see Harry and the Potters tonight because then I won't do the cleaning, but I still want to go see them, and holy canolies, Portus starts frigggen' TOMORROW.

Plus I'm super groggy.

And the burrito man didn't come by today, so I'm hungry. For burritos.

ETA: Somehow I COMPLETELY forgot to mention how HUGE a help Megan was. THANK YOU MEGAN YOU IS MY HERO.

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