Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


Okay. So. Verdict?

It was two parts agonizing, three parts friggen' adorable. They were so tiny! So innocent! So sincere!

We got all dolled up and covered in sparkles, because we are vampires, you know. They sang all kinds of songs from their new CD!!!! Did you know they're coming out with a cd??? BECAUSE THEY ARE. If I didn't know it before, I certainly know it now.

MTV was there, and somehow, we ended up in the front row, next to a bunch of girls wearing "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" shirts. So my shirt? It got some camera attention. It may very well end up on MTV. IF YOU HAVE MTV, PAY ATTENTION FOR THE BELLA CULLEN PROJECT THINGY. THERE'S A VERY GOOD CHANCE ME, JENI, JESSO AND BRANDI WILL BE ON IT. A LOT.

We got AUTOGRAPHED "POSTERS" (8x11 photos). And the blond one that plays guitar, she goes, "Thank you SO MUCH for coming tonight!" So honest, so sincere, I almost felt crappy. I've decided that I have no idea how I feel about them, because they are really adorable and pretty talented, but their songs are about friggen' Twilight.


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