Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Cedar Point Pictures

Big entry sign for 2008

Me and Reagan in front of Blue Streak, the oldest coaster at Cedar Point

Cool shot of Raptor

Wicked Twister and the Giant Wheel, taken from the Sky Ride

The Midway, with a cool shot of maXair, also taken from the Sky Ride

Raptor & Blue Streak

Badass shot of Iron Dragon, you can see Corkscrew & Power Tower on the right and Gemini in the distance

Speaking of Gemini...

Reagan kept posing in ridiculous ways, so I figured if you can't pummel 'em with a two-by-four, join 'em (that'd be Gemini in the background)

Top Thrill Dragster, Snoopy, and very teensy us

Ridiculous posing under the Magnum tracks

Artsy shot of Gemini

Gorgeous shot of Magnum
Tags: cedar point, family, pictures, vacation

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