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Hogwarts Scarf Raffle OF DOOOOOM!!!

Back from vacation! Had a friggen' blast! Pictures will be posted as soon as my mom uploads them to her facebook. :)

SO DUDES: As I mentioned previously, I went to the dentist and they were all "ZOMG HOW DO YOU EVEN HAVE A MOUTH ANYMORE IT IS SO FULL OF CAVITIES". I am pro-fixing my teeth. I am anti-the bill. So I am making an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:

I am going to knit four Hogwarts scarves, one for each house, and raffle them off. Realistically, it will take me about two months to knit all four, so the raffle will go on for the whole two months. In the future, I will post pictures of scarves I have already knit, so you can see how bad-ass they are!

The scarves are going to be the old style, big bold stripes ala "Sorcerer's Stone" and "Chamber of Secrets". I haven't decided whether to do the Ravenclaw scarf in movie or book colors, but if you have strong feelings one way or the other, let me know and I'll save that scarf for last.

Normally, I sell these scarves to those who ask for them for $50.

Raffle tickets are $3, or four for $10. You can specify which scarf you'd like your ticket to go to, or you can leave it up to chance!

Because paypal has a crazy fee system for people with Premier accounts, I'm tacking on a little extra change to cover those fees. But that means I am able to accept credit card payments, WHOO-HOO!


One Ticket: $3.41
Four Tickets: $10.61

As an added bonus, the winners will each receive a surprize something or other thrown in. It's so mysterious even I don't know what it is yet. There may also be bonus prizes for non-scarf winning tickets. ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

If you want to help me fix my teeth and also maybe score a sweet scarf in the process, you can buy tickets via paypal using the e-mail address: chewbobington at gmail dot com.


1) Your lj name!
2) Which scarf you want your ticket(s) to go toward!
3) I don't think there is a number three, really.

To sweeten the deal, I have asked famed poet Sam Michael Beauregard Drizt to write a poem endorsing this endeavor! Take it away, Drizt!

"The Scarf Within My Tooth" by Sam Michael Beauregard Drizt

It happens to all of us
One of us
ALL of us
At any given point in time...

If time is something other...
Than your mother...
Your FAKE mother...

The point is, we all have teeth.
This is a bond
That connects our feet.
But through our teeth.
We are unique.

AND SO, it is to be moved.
Moved by the wind!
Perchance...a scarf?
A scarf in the wind?
A my tooth?



The scarf will never heal.
It grows, like a bowl of veal.
Of moldy veal.
In my heart.

And so, it is to weep...
Perchance to dream...
About the teeth...

...within us all.

(And a scarf too, or something.)


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