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Hokay, SO. I know I'm way behind on fl reading, but you may have noticed that I've only got bits of internet here and there as hotels or family have had it. But I'll catch back up with it later, because we finally went to CEDAR POINT!!!

First, a little about what we've been doing on this vacation:

We visited my aunt in Maryland, and then we moved on to Philadelphia, where we spent two days touring and sight seeing, including a Segway tour, which was most excellent. :) We also hit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Franklin Institute, which had an exhibit on REAL PIRATES. They dug up wreckage from the Pirate ship Whydah. Very interesting. Included pirate treasure. :)

Then, after much driving, we spent two days at Cedar Point. The first day we got there, we didn't get to the park until four, but it was the emptiest we've ever seen it. We started out the day riding Demon Drop in honor of the recently imploded Cliffhanger, since they are exactly the same ride. The park was so empty, we got right onto every ride we wanted (except for Maverick, the new one, but even then, it was only a half-hour wait)! Easily the best Cedar Point experience ever. We rode so much crap. And in case you're wondering, Maverick is an EXCELLENT ride. It opened last year, but we missed our trip last year, so we made up for that by riding it three times on Wednesday and another three on Thursday. It is officially my mom's favorite ride, now.

Thursday was more crowded because Friday was Coastermania, some special event held for the American Coaster Enthusiasts, so they were all gearing up for a day of coaster madness. But we still got a lot of rides in, including my second ride ever on Top Thrill Dragster (Reagan rode it with me this time!). At the end of the day, I wanted to ride Millennium Force one last time, since it is my favorite ride in the park and a great ride to end on. Mom wanted to ride Maverick two more times. So we did that, then Reagan and I ran like maniacs to Millennium Force, which was still letting on riders. When we got on the platform, it was announced that there would only be one more train running, so we got to ride on the last train of the evening. :) It was AWESOME, everyone was cheering and hollering and whooping it up the whole dang ride. Guys, I friggen' love that coaster. I friggen' love that park. I just want to move there, would that be cool with everyone? If...if I lived at Cedar Point?

What we rode, for posterity's sake:

Day One:

Demon Drop x 2
Blue Streak
Cedar Downs
Antique Cars
Sky Ride x 2
Iron Dragon
Mine Train
Gemini x 2
Magnum XL-200 x 2
Millennium Force
Maverick x 2

Day Two:

Mean Streak
Skyhawk (just me)
Thunder Canyon (just Reagan)
Chaos (just me & Reagan)
Wicked Twister
Space Spiral
Disaster Transport
Maxair (just me & Reagan)
Top Thrill Dragster (just me & Reagan)
Power Tower (going up)
Iron Dragon
Skyhawk (just me & Reagan)
Maverick x 2
Millennium Force (just me & Reagan)
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