Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


There are some adorable new GROW games since the last time I obsessed over them!

There is GROW Island, which I found almost as entertaining as the original GROW.

Then a smaller game, GROW Nano, which has only three options, so if you cheat on this one, there's no helping you.

THEN, there's another mini GROW, GROW Nano Vol. 3, which I have dubbed "GROW Sickie"! Apparently, the webmaster was sick and did not get some game out on time, so to apologize, they created this FRIGGEN' ADORABLE grow game where the point is to heal the sick stick person! I mostly find it awesome that in order to apologize for not posting a game, they posted a game. CHUTZPAH, I believe it is called.

As usual, you can be a STINKY CHEATER and find the solutions here.

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