Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
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My sister's an odd little duck.

She got a Hogwarts journal, one of the really nice ones. Hardback. If I had it, I would never do anything with it except ponder what to do with it because I'd be afraid to mess it up by writing the wrong thing.

My sister has decided to use it a journal for her "experiences at Hogwarts." But my sister's idea of making up experiences at Hogwarts means copying from the books/movies.

Entries from her "journal". I've left all her spelling/punctuation/captilization errors in. the stuff in italics are comments from me:

Year One written as though they were dripping, blood I can only imagine. ???.

Dear Reagan Mrs. Rorer, So she is married at the age of nine. Interesting.

We are pleased to inform you. That you'e expected Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. No one expects Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry!

In this diary, you will be writing about your first, second, third and fourth year at hogwarts. I can only imagine this is because she doesn't have a fifth book to copy from yet.

But be careful! There might be danger in the scool sometimes, but you won't have to go back on whatever year there's danger. ok.....

Good luck from

in cursive Cornelius Fudge
minister of magic


I am in diagon Alley for the first time. My books are written by "Gilderoy Lockhart," an infamous writer who was alive for fifty years. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA And my books and supplues Yes she wrote "supplues" are:

in a box that I can only assume is supposed to be a letter:
Tronding with trolls
Gilderoy Lockhart

Standards book of spells
year one
Gilderoy Lockhart

Magical Me It's not just for entertainment anymore!
Gilderoy Lockhart

Suplies What, no more supplues?
owl, cat, or toad

Make sure you have all the supplies Hooray, third time's the charm! on the list!

in cursive again Cornelius fudge
Minister of magic

end letter format

good luck to me!


I am very scared to travel by floo powder to platform nine and thre 3/4. I have never traveled by that before. I've got all the stuff I need thought. finally I got through that...that...welll...stuff. floo powder, I mean. But I have to find it, I beileve. regarding the entirety of this entry so far: WHAT???
Just then, a lady with three girls and a boy came stroding I'm not sure what stroding is... by. "Platform nine and three quarters, right this way!" Way to copy a direct quote. IMAGINATION IS FOR SISSIES! I followed them over. The yongest girl stood by her mother. She called the third year boy to go first. I asked her "what will I do we do hear." Question? Maybe? as the second year girl went throu the wall.

NEXT ENTRY: (I have no idea what this is for.)

Ajenda for sleepover.

eat pizza (if said so)
watch a Moovie! (get it!) No, not really.
Play game.
decorate who ever falls asleep first. (if said so) Ah, the time honored tradition of decorating the most tired.
sleep better hope it's after everyone else, you don't want to be decorated!
eat breakfast
go to church
play as long as you can (if said so)


Yes, I am a terrible sister for posting her bizzare journal online and making fun of it. But that's what older siblings are for.

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