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My mom, Reagan (little sister), Megan (aka auracel) and I went to Dallas yesterday evening to see Josiah Lemming perform. You know the kid, the one who was a big deal during the American Idol auditions, lived out of his car, but then blew it big time by asking the band to leave the stage during his last song of Hollywood week? The show was pretty good. Josiah is a bizarre mix of two parts adorable, one part obnoxious. He'd do something ridiculous that would make me want to punch him in the face, then he'd do something adorable that would make me go, "Daaaaaawwwwwwwwww!" It was weird. He's a fucking talented pianist, though.

Reagan, Me, Megan

Me talking to Josiah

After the show, I told him how I, too, spent the vast majority of last year living out of my car, and he seemed jazzed by that. He hugged me, which I wasn't expecting, and apparently, it was captured on film by the documentary crew he's got touring around with him, because, you see, he's filming a documentary.

Oh, and the best part of the evening was when we got there. My mom parked her car (a Toyota Scion) and before we could even get out, a woman approached us. Our windows were down since my mom is trying to save gas by driving without air conditioning. Anyway, this woman walks right up to us and says, "Hey, hey, I don't mean to be offensive or nothing but these are just the ugliest cars I've ever seen. I mean, look at it! It just cuts off like this. I'm sorry, I could never own one of these. This is just so ugly." She went on like this for a while, us in the car giving each other WTF? glances. Finally she goes, "It's an Element, right?"

"Scion, actually," I said.

"Yeah, yeah! It's made by Chrysler, isn't it?"


"Yeah, that's it! My friend has one of those Prius cars-" (She pronounced it "Pry-us")

"You mean 'Pree-us'?"

"Yeah, yeah, that crazy hybrid car? Hey, have you ever eaten here? They have the best burger, this big burger for just $2.95. I've been here three times already, the first time they gave me a coupon so we could come back and get the burger for half off? But the damn coupon blew out my window, and then I came back and they didn't believe me, like they don't know what coupons they have."

At this point, we're more than a little baffled, but she carries on about these burgers for a while longer. Then she looks at my mom and goes, "Are these all yours? These two are twins, right?" (Pointing to Megan and I, who aren't even related).

"No," we say.

"Actually," mom says, pointing to Reagan, my actual little sister, "This one was adopted from China."

In other news, I can't type today, the backspace key is getting a workout.

In other OTHER news, the electricity is off in only my apartment for some inexplicable reason. I paid my bill and everything. I got home in time to eat the ice cream I'd spent the day fantasizing about before it got warm. It was, however, pretty soupy. I called TXU last night, and it turns out I phoned in eight minutes after they closed their offices for the day. And when I called back this morning, the line was busy. So I sent an e-mail, and they said, "We appreciate your concern! We will get back to you in one to two business days." Fuck that noise. I'm going to try calling again on the way home.

I NEED TO GET MY CAR INSPECTED TODAY. That is mostly a note for myself.


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