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This review is a little behind on its timing, but...

I really, really, really like the most recent Rasputina album, "Oh, Perilous World". It came out a year ago, and I liked it then, but every time I pop it back in my cd player, I remember just how much I like it.

Each of their albums has a different sound, usually because with each album, Melora's completely recycled her backing musicians. This time, it was just her and long-time drummer Jonathan TeBeest, Zoe Keating jumped ship a few years ago (which is sad, but when you consider the kick-ass music she makes on her own, I can completely forgive her). This album reminds me a lot of concept albums from the 70's, but mostly, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". It's not so much that Raspy's album sounds like Pink Floyd's, but it has a similar feel. In particular, the track "We Stay Behind" seems to evoke the same emotions as "Eclipse".

But the whole album is really interesting considering it's a "concept" album, presented through the album art as if it is a musical combined with a history lesson. I don't know about you, but I could never switch to purely downloading music, because holding the cd case and paging through particularly well-thought out and conceptualized liner notes really makes the album for me. Especially in this case. The liner notes give you the lyrics along with clues to the songs' meanings.

So what I'm saying is, should the fancy strike you to purchase and album and you're not sure what to purchase, I'm throwing in that recommendation and giving it seven thumbs up*!

*I have borrowed the extra thumbs from several willing school children.

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