Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Thoughts about Juno!

If you haven't seen Juno, there's nothing really spoilery. I just wanted to say A) I hate the phrase "honest to blog" and if it comes into common lexicon I may have to kill someone. But that is the only part of the movie I really dislike.

And B) I really like the realism of how music fans flirt, especially in high school. Especially the whole swapping mix tapes/cds thing. It made me wonder if it's just a thing that music lovers do, or does everyone do it? Do the folks that don't listen to much that isn't on the radio have as much fun exposing potential dates to other types of music? Have you ever flirted with someone via mixtape?

Flirting via mixtape is an awesome way to give yourself an excuse to see the person again, because you have to discuss the music they listened to, right? And if things are going well, you'll get a reciprocal mix. Nowadays, I give mixes to all of my friends, but back in the day, it was a special thing to give a mix to a boy I thought was cute. :)

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