Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So I've spent the past 30 hours or so ingesting way too much Diablo Cody. I caved and bought Juno, despite my efforts to wait until my birthday and see if anyone bought it for me. I failed. I forced Mr. Austin to watch it, since he's heard the soundtrack but never actually seen the movie. I even bought the super fancy-schmancy edition with extra special features and a copy of the shooting script.

Which is what I read today at work, because I've been trying to curb my insatiable internet appetite, at least while I'm at the office, at least while they're supposedly monitoring our internet usage more than usual (office hearsay).

Then, after work, I drove over to the Barnes and Noble near the Hulen mall to pick up her memoir, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper, which I proceeded to take home and read in its entirety.

There is no point to this story, just that I think she is a cool lady.

Also, Tom Lenk is awesome:


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