Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

If you read both my and tomnoir's journals, I'm sorry, because I'm kind of obsessed with text games and Inform right now. I downloaded it last night and futzed around with it, reading the manual and whatnot, attempting in vain to make a game as awesome as the Hitchhiker's Guide game. I got as far as the initial room description, and then Inform started telling me it hated my stinking guts*.

Tonight is Coffee Haus, but all I want to do is go home and program! It's like being in high school again, when I used to be obsessed with programming my TI-83 calculator. Everyone else was programming their calculator to work mathematic formulas for them. (Okay, well, I was doing that, and sharing my programs with everyone.) But I was (also!) programming much COOLER shit. Like a program that could guess which friend of mine was holding my calculator through a simple series of yes/no questions. EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT WAS AWESOME.

Anyway. I spent most of the evening reading the manual and not nearly enough time failing at programming, so I am sort of freaking out in this whole "I am at work but I could be at HOME" state of existence.

POINT SCORING OPPORTUNITY: If you knew how to program TI calculators, you get five points. Bonus points if you can describe a program you concocted!

*Or, you know, giving me error reports.

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