Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Even though I've sworn to not spend any more friggen' money for a while, I caved and bought the pattern for Rogue. I've only wanted to make this hoodie for, like, twelve billion years (okay, well, at LEAST four). In the last shopping trip to Simpatico (maysherestinpeace), I bought myself five skeins of light brown Cascade 220 and some pink (3) and brown (4) Cash Vero. According to the 60+ folks who have used Cascade to make Rogue on Ravelry, it takes about six skeins. So I'm thinking of making the bulk of it out of the 220, making the hood and sleeve cables out of the pink Cash Vero, and making the pocket out of the brown Cash Vero and striping that intermittently with the 220. Should be pretty. :)

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