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I made my first forays into the wild and woody world of re-writing last night! For those knee-deep in suspense, I chose to stick with the 90's for the book's time period, it's just easier that way. I then printed out a calendar page for the month of the year I picked the story to take place in (October 1998) and then figured out what day of the week and month each scene took place in. I'd had my scenes already scribbled out on cards, so then I did some wiggling and rearranging so that the story flows more logically and there isn't random shit popping up going, "Oh yeah, THIS IS HAPPENING, TOO."

Then when I went home, just for fun, I pulled out my REAL calendar from 1998 to see what I'd actually been up to at that time and get myself in that mindset. Man, I should scan the page in just for fun, it's RIDICULOUS. It was a Hanson calendar (of course), and my calendars back then were like mini diaries. I wrote down pretty much anything special that happened on a day. It's kind of trippy to see.

ANYWAY. The point is. I banged out re-writes of the first couple of scenes, a whopping 1850 words, well over NaNo pace! It's kind of fun to write when the story is already there, some of it even intact, and all I have to do is flesh it out or make it clearer. Then there's the parts where I'm just copying the rough draft verbatim, and that's pretty sweet, too.

It was exciting, as I was doing my re-read and writing out scenes on cards, I found myself having a better feel of the story itself and the characters involved. Once the re-write occurs, it's only going to bear a loose similarity to the events that it's based on, which is fine with me. It feels more like molding a story now than regurgitating history.

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