Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


So I'm thinking to myself, "Self, why the hell did you stop playing DDR? Seriously?" I got myself weighed at the doctor's yesterday (where they took care of my ear problem from a while back by BLASTING IT WITH FLUIDS, INTERESTING SHIT). I weigh 193 again. THAT'S AGONIZINGLY CLOSE TO 200. I've gained back all my pre-DDR weight! This = NO GOOD.

So why did I quit? Then I remembered: A) The pads at the arcades started getting really crappy and non-responsive, therefore, obnoxious to play on. B) The employees started cracking down hardcore on the whole "must wear shoes while playing" thing. AND C) My foot started getting this horrendous pain in it that wouldn't go away for days after only three songs or so, where before, I could play for HOURS.

THE POINT IS. I think I need to start playing DDR again. ONLY PROBLEM: I have a good home dance pad, except that it sort of got adopted by the house and Jim actually uses it to exercise as well, so stealing it for my apartment probably wouldn't be a good thing. And the arcade's pads are still crappy and unresponsive, and there's still the shoe rule.

So, I guess I need to look into getting another home pad? Maybe?

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