Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

What happened to the days of yore when Polly Pocket was just that: A doll who lived in a small compact you could keep in your pocket? Do they honestly think they are being true to the Polly Pocket concept with these larger, dressable dolls that have huge sets with them? Can you fit those SETS in your pocket????????

It all started going downhill when they started making houses instead of compacts. The houses were small, yes, but oddly shaped, and putting them in your pocket would a) be difficult and b) hurt a lot.

I remember my first Polly Pocket. It was a circular purple compact that fit nicely in my pocket, maybe a bit snug, but it was POCKET SIZED. I loved it because I could take it everywhere.

These new toys are NOT Polly Pocket. They are Polly Shelf.

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