Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Sometimes I wish I could combine all the best bits of shows to form one UBER SHOW:

Patrick: "Are those the stairs of learning?"

Spongebob: "No, Patrick." (Turns to more stairs directly across the room.) "THOSE are the stairs of learning."

Gordo: "The good news is, you'll be exploring the exciting world of LATVIA!" (Strikes exciting pose)

Timmy: "At last, home, where I won't be graded on my performance!"

Timmy's Dad: "Timmy! We're going to grade you on your performance!"

Timmy's Mom: "You get an A-!" (holds up paper with an A- on it)

Timmy: "An A-?"

Timmy's Dad: "Questioning grade! You get a B!"

Timmy: "But-"

Timmy's Dad: "Talking back! C!"

Timmy: "Dad!"

Timmy's Dad: "Arguing! D!"

Timmy: "That's a Q."

Timmy's Dad: "F!!!!"


(curtain falls. Lights go up.)

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