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Chapter 30: Ambiguous

Pepper had spent most of his life avoiding girls. It was kind of his thing, as a boy, especially a boy-turned-hermit, to not particularly spend a lot of time dealing with the opposite gender. He had never thought about how he would deal with it if he had to, in fact, be around a female creature for any length of time.

So he was somewhat surprised that he was so comfortable dancing with one. Pepper had his arm around Pinkie's waist, and, as if he did it every day of his life, was leading her gracefully around the dance floor, occasionally letting her spin out, dropping his arm so she dipped down, staring deeply into the endless pools of her eyes.

"Wasn't there something we were supposed to be doing?" Pinkie asked him, as he pulled her back up from one such dip.

He thought about that. Even though he had a slight inkling in the back of his head that she was right about that, it didn't bother him enough to worry about. "No, I don't think so."

He pulled her closer. The music was swelling now, filling his head and heart with emotion. Which emotion, he couldn't say. One he had never felt before, that was for certain. Pinkie's head was resting on his shoulder, and he held her as close as he dared. He didn't want her getting the wrong idea, although he was uncertain what this "wrong idea" might consist of. It was just something he'd always heard little boys shouldn't give little girls.

But was he a little boy? And was she a little girl? No, she wasn't a girl, she was a...

She was... a...

But he couldn't remember what she was. And so "girl" would have to do for now.

And he didn't feel so little. Little boys didn't attend grand balls like this, and for that matter, little boys didn't go around dancing with girls. Perhaps he was older than he had originally felt? He looked around at the people dancing with them, and found no one else was a little boy. They were all older, wiser, and surely older, wiser people would not be dancing with young children.

So it was settled. He didn't know who he was, in fact, even his name was beginning to slip away. What had it been? Something... something rather silly and childish, that he knew. It wasn't really his name, after all, was it?

But what did things like names and ages matter when this beautiful creature was dancing with you? None at all, he concluded, and he spun her around under his arm, letting everyone else see what perfection had chosen to dance with him. He was certainly the luckiest person at the ball.

"But why are we here?" she said. Come to think of it, he couldn't remember her name, either.

"Why?" he repeated. "To enjoy ourselves, of course, why does anyone go to a ball?"

Her face looked puzzled, concerned. He brought her to him so that their cheeks touched. "Were we even invited? I can't remember..."

He laughed. "How could we have gotten in if we hadn't been invited?" A passing memory of a short man in a top hat slid through his brain and was gone as quickly as it had entered.

"I'm not sure... but something doesn't feel right..."

She let her arms drop, and now he was no longer holding her. His arms fell to his sides as well.

"Does it bother you?" he asked.

"Does it not bother you?"

He thought about it. Looking at her, being with her, it felt like nothing could bother him. But seeing the concern on her face, it almost resonated in him, too. Should he be concerned?

"I'm not entirely sure," he said.

"Maybe we should ask someone," she said.

"Ask someone what?"

"What this is for..."

She didn't finish, instead, she began walking. Away. Away from him, and this simply would not do, so he hurried after her so as not to lose sight of her.

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