Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I'm skipping out on Coffee Haus today, but this is the last time I'm missing for American Idol because after this it's only Tuesday nights that are SUPAR IMPORTANT VOTING NIGHTS.

Yesterday was TMBG! Hooraj! Ended up going with drninja because syntheticjesso was feeling ucky and decided to stay home. She's leaving on a jet plane today for Autobahn and leaving me all alone with her poor, defenseless internet connection. Oh, and I'm supposed to feed her cat or something.

ANYWAY, the show was awesome, as TMBG usually is (they played The Alphabet of Nations! I wish I knew that song better so I could have sung along with it, but I shouted "ZIMBABWE!" with all I had, I'll tell you that right now).

But the opening band was also awesome! They were these dudes from friggen' Ireland called Oppenheimer, and I'm pretty much in love with the dude that plays the keyboards. I don't think I could entirely explain why? It's probably because he was all vocoded and crap the entire time. Also, despite being slightly chunkier than the dude behind the drums, he was running all over the dang stage, from his vocoded keyboard to this other thingy that he emphatically pushed buttons on. At one point, the drummer mentioned that they would be selling cds and signing things over in the lobby, and that keyboard dude (who's name I found out today is ROCKY, which is excellent) would not sound like a robot over there. To which Rocky pressed a key on the vocoder and intoned, "YES. I. WILL."


T-Rex probably wouldn't mind.

I've been listening to this song over and over and over, I'm pumped that there is a video for it, because that means I can show you all! I'LL SHOW YOU. IT SOUNDS OMINOUS. BUT REALLY IT IS JUST GOOD MUSIC.


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